AMEDOSZ Organizational Structure

The Members' Assembly
The highest decision-making body of the Union is the Members' Assembly, which consists of all the members of the Union.
The following matters fall into the exclusive competence of the Assembly:

- adopting and amending the by-laws,
- electing and recalling members of the Executive Committee and the Supervisory Board
- approving the annual budget and the final budget report
- approving the annual reports of the Executive Committee and of the Supervisory Board.
- defining the strategy and the annual program of the Union
- deciding on the possible dissolution of the Union, deciding on joining or uniting with another organization or seceding from another organization, and deciding on any changes in the structure of the Union. The Committee may have exclusive right to decide on the issues that are specified in the Constituion.

The Executive Committee
The highest executive body of the Union is the Executive Committee with five members: the President and four vice-presidents. The Executive Committee is elected by the Assembly for four years.
Its current members are Csilla Dobos (President), Karl Hall, Zsuzsa Jaszberenyi, and Szabolcs Pogonyi (Vice-Presidents).

The Executive Committee:

- calls the meetings of the Assembly
- directs and organizes the continuous operation of the Union
- ensures that the decisions made by the Assembly are executed
- decides on accepting new members and cancellations
- prepares the yearly budget of the Union and submits it to the Assembly, and also submits the annual final budget report
- decides about its own operation and organization
- can create committees and working groups and can ask for experts in order to prepare its decisions
- decides on all issues that do not belong to the exclusive scope of the Assembly.

The Supervisory Board
The three members of the Supervisory Board are elected by the Assembly for four years. Members of the Executive Committee cannot be elected members of the Supervisory Committee.
Its current members are Ivona Malbasic, Andrea Peto, Lajos Zubor

The Supervisory Board:

- has the supervision over the affairs of the Union, which shall be conducted in accordance with the Constitution
- is responsible for reviewing the Union's books and records
- prepares a yearly report to the Assembly