AMEDOSZ Membership

 In order to apply for membership an application must be submitted to the Executive Committee at, which decides on admissions.

Please send the completed application and membership fee forms to them.


  • are eligible to vote and be elected to any office of the Union.
  • can participate in all events organized by the Union.
  • can submit suggestion to the Executive Committee and to the Assembly. Members can also express their views on all the issues related to the Union.
  • must comply with the rules and regulations of the Union.
  • must pay membership dues. Dues are fixed by the Assembly. Dues can be paid monthly (by the 10th) or yearly (by June 30.). If a members opts for the yearly installment, she/he should inform the Executive Committee by Jan. 10 (download the form from here). Dues are collected and registered by the Vice-President in charge of the economic issues.

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